Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Top Software Posts Roundup

Like so many others, I find the new year a time of reflection both personally and professionally. Last year at this time I took a look at the posts that were getting the most attention on our blog to try to learn more about what our customers and readers are most interested in. With 2012 upon us, here I am again looking at the top posts of 2011:
top software articles
  1. VideoPad Video Editing Tips and Tricks
  2. Changing Video Speed with VideoPad
  3. Adding Text to Your Videos
  4. Video Stabilization
  5. WavePad Audio Editor New for the iPad
  6. Practice Transcription Audio Files
  7. Best Slideshow Software: PhotoStage
  8. Record Audio Playing Through Your Speakers
  9. The WavePad iPhone Audio Editor App
  10. Make Your Music Mash Ups with MixPad
  11. Add Subtitles to Your Videos
  12. NCH Mobile Applications Updates
  13. Transitions and Upgrades to VideoPad
  14. Best Mac Audio Editing Software
  15. New Mac Point of Sales Software
  16. Record Your Own Audio Book
  17. Mac Inventory Management Software
  18. Why Web Designers Don't Need Dreamweaver
  19. VoIP Phone Systems for the Home Office
  20. Express Scribe Transcription Using Voice Recognition
So what can I glean from this list? Not only is there still interest in Mac versions of our applications, of which we have added several additions to this year (and more already in the works), there is a large interest in how to take advantage of the more advanced features in our VideoPad video editor. as well as other how-to instructions. I'm pleased to report that we are expecting a significant new release of VideoPad this year that will have a new interface designed to add more advanced features to our easy to use video editing software. That is just one of the big plans already on the horizon to keep your eyes open for, but as always, be sure to let us know what you think and what you want to see in future releases that will help you do more with software.

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