Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Typing Games Coming to KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Word Blizzard typing game in KeyBlaze typing tutor softwareLately there has been a lot of development focused on not only KeyBlaze typing tutor, but specifically on the typing game. There are a lot of great improvements and fixes in the new version. We gave the game a new set of graphics in the motif of a snowy landscape. Along with the new graphics, we have changed the name of the game from Falling Words to Word Blizzard. The game mechanics have also been reworked to make it more fun to play (and coincidentally improve your typing).

Word Blizzard is the first of four typing games that KeyBlaze is going to gain in the next few months. The next game coming to KeyBlaze is going to be a race the clock style called 30 Seconds to Type, to help users develop their speed. Then we will do a game focusing on rhythm and key combinations called Typing Hero. If you like games, keep an eye out for these upcoming additions to KeyBlaze typing tutor software!


  1. I developed my typing skills through the help of typing games such as the KeyBlaze typing tutor. With the developments being added in this fast developing technology, I am sure many individuals who want to improve their typing skills will gain too.

  2. This looks really good! I grew up on games like this and I think it's pretty much the only reason I'm a good typist. I certainly didn't practice aside from these games, and from actual typing that was required of me for school papers, etc.


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