Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Video Overlay for YouTube Videos with Debut

Record and overlay your webcam on video capture for YouTube gameplay and reaction channels

If you use video capture for reaction videos, video game playthroughs or reviews on YouTube, Debut Video Capture software can simultaneously and easily record your screen and your webcam.

How to Use Webcam Overlay with Your YouTube Videos in Three Easy Steps

  1. Start Debut, and select the screen you will be recording
  2. Press the Camera Overlay button or find the option under Tools
  3. Adjust options, and press the record button to start
That's all there is to it!

Whether you are in the middle of a deathmatch, a dungeon raid, or building a 1 million block work of art in Minecraft, share your skills and your reactions with all of YouTube at the same time! 

Like what you see? 
Click on the link to download or purchase:

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