Friday, April 14, 2017

Create Easter Themed Photos in PhotoPad

New Clipart Options in PhotoPad 

Create Easter Themed Photos with PhotoPad

We are very excited to announce that new clipart options have been added to PhotoPad digital photo editing software. These new options can be added to various projects, digital drawings, and photos. With the new expanded clipart options in PhotoPad, you can add hundreds of new photo decoration options to your personal photos. New holiday clipart options have been added, making it quick and easy to create holiday themed images to share with friends and family.

Add Clipart to Photos in Three Easy Steps 

1. Select Clipart to add to your photos

The NCH Clipart library has hundreds of clipart options that you can add to your photos. To open the NCH Clipart Library in PhotoPad, open the "Creative" tab at the top of the photo editing window and click on the "Clipart" button from the menu options. 

You can select clipart to add to your photo editing project by opening the categorized folders on the left-hand side of the NCH Clipart Library window. 

2. Download Clipart

Once you have selected the clipart that you would like to add to your digital photo, simply click on the "Download" button to download the clipart image and add it to your photo as an overlay.

3. Position, Scale and Add Effects

Once your image has been downloaded and applied to your photo, you can use the options on the right hand side of your screen to flip the clipart image, change its opacity, scale the clipart or add an effect to the clipart overlay. 

Clipart overlays can be used to easily create themed photos for Easter or other holidays. PhotoPad Photo Editor has hundreds of clipart options that make adding image overlays easy and enjoyable. Get started creating your own Easter themed photos today at

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