Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scribe Excels at Thesis Transcription

Guest post by Clara Bianchini

Student Saves Time Transcribing Interviews for Thesis with Express Scribe Transcription SoftwareI was transcribing the interviews for my master thesis and, like every student in this situation, I didn’t have enough time! I was using the software that my teacher recommended, but it was still taking too long and it wasn’t pleasant to use. To listen and type at the same time I had to reduce the speed, but the voice got distorted to the point that some of the transcribed sentences didn’t make any sense when you read them back. I had already transcribed two interviews and I had 17 more to go. Since quality and timing were crucial to my work, I decided to ask Google about better software.

On the first organic result that Google gave to me I came across a comment that caught my attention. I am normally the type of person that is a little skeptical and will investigate at least three options, but when I read the comment that essentially said, "Express Scribe made my transcribing work 5 times faster, without distorting voices. You should try!" I stopped. It was later than 10 P.M.; I was tired and frustrated with my teacher’s software so I decided to give it a try.

I Googled for where I could download Express Scribe, and in few short seconds, it was in my computer. I opened it, and the first impression was already better: it looked MUCH better than the other software. I opened one of my audio files there, changed the speed from 100% to 50%, crossed my fingers and waited to hear what the sound would be like. To my surprise, the voice was totally clear, almost without distortions, and there was a typing box right there, almost smiling at me and waiting for me to have fun.

The next day alone I transcribed two more interviews, at an incredibly fast pace. I was so happy that I shared my discovery with all my classmates. I am pretty sure that without target="_blank"Express Scribe I would be still transcribing interviews right now. It really made all my work much faster and easier.

Clara Bianchini is a student of Imagineering, a Master's degree in Strategic Business Innovation from the experience perspective, a new program about how to design companies towards co-creation of value. In a more participatory approach, business is done together with stakeholders and value and experience are co-created. Some people might say that this is the next stage of Marketing. In order to understand how to design the participation of stakeholders during her thesis research, Bianchini conducted qualitative research which included one-on-one interviews that were transcribed for analysis.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Typing Game Makes Typing Fun in KeyBlaze

Typing Game Makes Learning To Type FunEveryone has a slightly different learning style, but learning by doing is one of the most effective ways to ingrain something in your memory. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect," but there are some things that just aren't any fun to practice. Touch typing has the potential to be one of those tedious task, but we have been working to keep KeyBlaze typing tutor software out of the realm of typing tedium by making it a fun way to learn the vital skill of touch typing.

One of fun ways KeyBlaze does recognizes accomplishments is by awarding certificates as you test your typing speed and accuracy throughout the lesson structure. Another, that we recently added, is the addition of a typing game where words fall down the screen like rain drops. You have to type the words correctly to prevent them from hitting the pavement, bringing the competitive edge to touch typing practice by providing a challenge in the heat of the moment while you try to outdo your high score. So whether you have kids who need to learn to type or you want to improve your own typing skills, take a look at KeyBlaze for more than just typing lessons, but a fun way to practice and learn how to type.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The End of Accounting Nightmares

Guest post by John Chellan of ISOBE Soft Pvt. Ltd.

I am a small software business owner with lots of experience in software development, but little real knowledge of accounting. Sure, I have done my taxes online, but had never balanced a balance sheet or did any type of journal entry work. Honestly, I’d rather not think about accounting, and just spend my time being more productive developing software and meeting clients.

Grow your business with Express Accounts accounting softwareBut at the end of every month, I knew it was inevitable that all those transactions needed to be somehow entered into Excel and create some kind of crude income statement. That was all I could do, and that is all I knew how to do. In the back of my mind, I realized there is was lot more information in those numbers, and I needed either a professional accountant or software to get to that data. So I called a few accountants. Ouch, they were expensive! Next, I tried the trial versions of the two most popular, very expensive accounting programs and I couldn’t figure out what to do—and trust me I spent days trying to figure out what I was doing. Then I tried some free programs off the internet, and they were just silly with no good reports and user interfaces that looked like they came out of the Stone Age of programming. Almost at the verge of going back to Excel, I ran across Express Accounts.

I was skeptical at first and didn’t expect anything different from what I had seen from the trials of the other software. Well let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, Express Accounts was easy to install and quick, too. The interface was broken down in such a manner that one only needs to understand how the sales and purchase process works, and how to enter in expenses. The interface is quite user friendly and intuitive. The wealth of reports was the big thing that really impressed me about the software. Setting up the electronic invoicing and purchase ordering system was also very easy.

I have been using this software for 6 months now, looking for something to go wrong. The reality is, the more I use it, the more I become accustomed to its wealth of functionality. I really think this is one of the best cost-saving tools for small businesses that can’t afford to put up a professional accounting staff and need to streamline the accounting process and produce business data on the fly. Express Accounts has made the end of the month a stress free time, and now I spend my nights dreaming of growing my business.

John Chellan founded ISOBE in 2009. ISOBE started as a humble English language training center in Tamil Nadu and by 2010 had evolved into an educational consultant for colleges, schools and business. In 2011, ISOBE became ISOBE Soft Pvt. Ltd; and began to develop its own home grown software for small to large businesses.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Star Trek Software and Technology

The blogosphere has been inundated lately with people talking about the Star Trek 45th anniversary, and I have to admit I have been intrigued with some of the coverage, like the Star Trek Gadgets That Are No Longer Fiction list that Mashable put out, which is what leads me to software. It is absolutely amazing to think of how far software and technology has taken us in its short lifetime. How much longer before all of our once wildest fantasies become possible?

The computer on the deck of the Enterprise that answers to voice commands always seemed so convenient. We are approaching this type of technology already with voice activation. We've already seen voice activation being used with programs like Express Dictate. And we certainly take our technology with us by loading apps to our cell phones and tablets (see our pocket software including WavePad audio editor for the iPhone and iPad), not to be confused with communicators, tricorders audio the pad of the star fleet. We might not have transporters or replicators just yet, but new hardware and software is being created every day, so I can't help but wonder how close to the mark we will make it by the time we really do reach the 24th century.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Convert and Compress Files

Whether you're on a Mac or a PC, these conversion applications cover nearly every file type you'll run into, making them the most complete and reliable software for converting and compressing files out there.

Switch Audio File Converter

For your music, presentations, or audio projects, Switch Audio Converter lets you put your music anywhere at any time. Convert music for your iPod, PSP or phone. Compress audio to save hard drive space. Create a ringtone on your phone by converting the format, or even extract audio from video files.

Prism Video File Converter

Your computer might only be able to open certain video file types. Use Prism Video Converter to ensure you'll always be able to watch your videos. With Prism you have complete control over video settings such as compression and encoder rates, resolution, frame rate, and size output. You can also batch convert thousands of files at once and preview videos before conversion.

Pixillion Image File Converter

Pixillion isn't just image conversion software, there are many additional settings to make adjustments to your images while converting including adding watermarks, adjust the image quality, size or resolution, or even crop and rotate photos.

Express Zip File Compression Software

Express Zip is currently the only application on this list that is only available for Windows, but it is an extremely valuable compression tool. Use Express Zip archiving software to create, manage, and extract zipped files and folders. Plus extract files from a variety of other archive formats including rar, cab, iso, tar, and 7z or convert those archives into zip files. You can also easily email zipped files from the program or simply compress files to save disk space.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Express Scribe Professional Edition

Express Scribe Professional Transcription SoftwareExpress Scribe, one of NCH's most successful products and a favorite among transcriptionists worldwide, is going Pro. With the extreme popularity of the program, we have decided to offer some of the functionality in a professional version for a nominal fee that will help us better support users, fix problems, and implement new features and improvements. The free version of this popular transcription software isn't going away, but advanced features like video playback and support for proprietary audio file formats (e.g., dss, ds2, mvf) will now be supported in the professional version.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Retail Update: Hopping the pond to the UK

NCH Business Essentials Software now being sold in the UK
NCH Software continues to expand our presence in retail stores worldwide. Most recently, with the help of Channel Assist, you can now find several NCH Software products on the shelves of retailers like Dixons PC World in the United Kingdom. The UK is already one of our largest online markets, and we know that being in retail stores will only strengthen our presence there. Software titles available include Golden Records, Express Invoice and essential software suites of our audio software and business software products.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Learn 10-Key with KeyBlaze

Learn 10 Key with KeyBlaze Typing Tutor SoftwareYou are probably already aware of the importance of knowing how to touch type, but did you stop with the QWERTY portion of the keyboard? From data entry to math calculations, there are many professions where it is also very useful to be well-versed in using the number pad, or 10-key typing. Similar to touch typing, the benefits of practice and proficiency include increased speed, efficiency and accuracy, which can make tasks like entering data into a spreadsheets both faster and less painful.

Especially in data entry occupations, acquiring superior 10-key skills will result in higher paychecks. Many employers expect you to have a minimum of 8000-10000 keystrokes per hour (KPH) with 100% accuracy, while experienced clerks tout average speeds around 15000 KPH and above. Practicing 10-key on a computer program will also translate to increased skills on an adding machine, though there are some notable differences. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor has lessons for 10-key typing, in addition to touch typing, so that you can practice and improve your skills in both areas. So whether you are trying to improve your words per minute or keystrokes per hour, KeyBlaze is all you need.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Slideshow Software Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

5 Star CNet review for PhotoStage Slideshow producer softwareAs further proof that PhotoStage is the best slideshow software, we can now add a 5 star review from the editors at CNET to its accolades. We strive to make our software easy and intuitive and were thrilled to have the editors comment that "PhotoStage Slideshow Producer shows that slideshow makers don't need to be difficult to use to produce great results," and going on to say:

"We were pleasantly surprised to find that PhotoStage offers a narration feature that let us add our own music to our slideshow; you can even record your own voice, if you have a microphone. The Save step gave us numerous options for saving our newly created slideshow, including saving it as a Flash file, DVD movie, or a data disc, or we could save it to our hard drive or portable device. It took a few seconds to save, but in no time, we were able to play our newly created slideshow back. PhotoStage Slideshow Producer will appeal to users of all skill levels."


You can read the complete review of PhotoStage Slideshow Software on, or download it now to get started making your own slideshow presentations right away.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Express Burn Improvements, More to Come

Express Burn Disc Burning Software ImprovementsNew versions of Express Burn disc burner for both Windows and Mac were released in the last week. These latest releases feature greatly improved performance over past versions, bringing you a disc burning program that burns quicker, more reliably, and more easily than ever before. Not simply a disc copier, you can use Express Burn to burn any music, data or video files on CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs for easy archiving, sharing, or file management.

More developments, including DVD menu creation, are in the works for Express Burn in the coming months, so this is definitely a program you want to keep your eye on. Try it out now and see why Express Burn is one of our top products.
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