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Resize, Rotate and Delete DreamPlan Objects

Move, Resize, Rotate and Delete Objects in DreamPlan

When creating a home design project in DreamPlan Home Design Software, you can edit, resize and move objects that you have added to your project. Objects in DreamPlan include interior and exterior furniture, accessories, plants and more. Objects such as walls and paths that are drawn cannot be resized, however, they can be deleted and re-drawn.

Select an Object to Edit

Adding a New Object

To add an object to your DreamPlan project, select the object from the left hand menu and then left-click in your project where you would like the object to be placed. After an object is placed, it will automatically be selected to resize, rotate or delete. A selected object will be identified by a blue box surrounding the object, like this:

Select an Object

If the object you would like to edit is not selected, you will need to select it in order to resize, move, rotate or delete the object. To select an object, simply click on the the Selection Tool hand symbol in the right hand menu to enter selection mode. When selection mode is active, the hand symbol in the right hand menu will have a green background. You can also enter selection mode by hitting the spacebar on your keyboard.
When selection mode is active, you will be able to left click on any object in your project to select the object for editing.

Resize, Rotate and Delete Objects

Once you have selected an object, you can use the options displayed in the selection frame to resize, rotate or delete the selected object. Objects that are drawn in your home design project, such as walls and paths, can not be rotated or resized and must be re-drawn. Objects such as walls and paths can be selected in order to be deleted.

Move Objects

To move a selected object, simply left-click and drag the object to its desired location in your project. Moving an object can be done at any point during the home design process.

Resize Objects

To resize furniture, trees, plants, and other objects in DreamPlan, simply left click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the selection frame and drag your mouse outward to make an object larger. To make an object smaller, click and drag your mouse towards the object slightly.

Rotate an Object

You can easily rotate furniture, plants, cabinets and other DreamPlan objects when decorating your home. Rotating objects is also very useful for exterior design aspects, such as adding a ladder to a pool or rotating a swing in a backyard design project. To rotate an object, left-click on the top-left icon in the selection frame and drag your mouse left or right to rotate the object as needed.

As you rotate an object, DreamPlan will show the rotation in degrees.

Delete an Object

To delete an object, simply click on the trash can symbol in the upper right hand corner of the selection frame. If you accidentally delete an object, you can use the undo button in the right hand menu to reverse your changes.

Download DreamPlan to Get Started

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Navigate Speech in WavePad

Navigate Speech in WavePad

Using the Navigate Speech Tool in WavePad

The Navigate Speech tool in WavePad Audio Editor will allow you to locate sections of audio quickly and easily. Using speech recognition, WavePad can generate a script of words spoken in an audio file and can navigate directly to the moment when a specific word was spoken in an audio file. This can be very useful in many different situations. For example, you can use the Navigate Speech tool to locate and navigate to a specific section in a large audio recording, such as a company meeting, college lecture recording, or audio file for transcription.

Using the Navigate Speech Tool

To begin, load your audio file into WavePad. You can do this by selecting "Open File" from the File menu, or by using the key command "Ctrl+O"

Once your audio file has been opened in WavePad, click on the Tools menu in the top bar menu, and Select "Navigate Speech" from the list of tools.

When you click on the Navigate Speech tool, WavePad will begin using speech recognition to generate an output of the words spoken in your audio file. Once your audio file script has been generated, you can use the file to navigate easily throughout the recording.

Search for a Keyword

To search for a specific word in your audio file, simply type the keyword into the box at the bottom of the Navigate Speech window, and click on the "Search" button to locate all instances of a specific word in the text file.

Locate a Specific Word in the Audio File

You can use the generated text to navigate to any point in your audio file. To navigate instantly to the point in your audio file when a specific word is spoken, simply double click on the word that you would like to navigate to.

Highlight a Region in the Audio File

You can also use the Navigate Speech tool to highlight a region of your audio file. To do this, highlight words or paragraphs in the generated text, and the region will become selected in your audio file waveform. This can be useful when trimming audio files, or for breaking out specific sections in a larger audio file.

Download WavePad Here

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