Monday, April 21, 2014

NCH Software's Newest Business Tool: Express Project Management Software

NCH Software is continuing to develop valuable tools and software for the Business Productivity space. Express Project Management Software is NCH Software's newest addition to the already great assortment of business tools and utilities.

Below is a quick video introduction for Express Project Management Software.

Express Project is an organization tool designed to simplify project and task management. This software ensures that there is a clear breakdown of what you and your team members need to accomplish along different stages in the project timeline. Express Project features several important features including visual Gantt Charts, scheduling, resources, and custom calendars to fit your needs.

Express Project Additional Features:
* Set task dependancies and constraints
* Identify key tasks using Gantt charts and critical path methodology
* Create project level and resource level schedules/calendars
* Output Gantt Chart information, as well as task and resource information

For more information or to try Express Project Management Software for yourself, visit our website. If you have already had the opportunity to try out Express Project, let us know what you think.  We always enjoy hearing feedback from our fantastic customers.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Music Practice Software from NCH Software

PlayPerfect Free Music Practice Software is the newest tool added to NCH Software's Audio Software and Tools.  It can help you practice, learn, and improve playing your favorite instrument using your Windows PC.

PlayPerfect Music Practice Software has visual cues, playback, and performance reports to help young musicians train their ears to detect wrong or out-of-tune notes.  It's a fun way to practice or learn your favorite instrument.

PlayPerfect Free Music Practice Software for Windows features:
- Moving cursor
- Color-changing notes indicating correct or incorrect
- Built-in metronome to help you keep tempo
- Practice sessions recorded as Mp3 files for future playback
- Set the tempo and speed of the piece you are practicing

For anyone looking to improve on their favorite musical instrument, PlayPerfect is fun and exciting way to accomplish that goal.  If you have already had the chance to use PlayPerfect Free Music Practice Software, let us know how we can improve future versions, or what you really like about the product.
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