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Create Floor Plans with Trace Mode in DreamPlan Home Design Software

Create Floor Plans with Trace Mode in DreamPlan Home Design Software

DreamPlan floor plan maker allows you to import an existing floor plan file, use trace mode to duplicate it into the program, and then edit your house plan design quickly and easily. Visualize floor plans in 3D or as house blueprints. You can plan out all of your home remodeling designs with this simple floor plan design software.

Download DreamPlan to get started, or click here to learn more:

Import Floor Plans in DreamPlan

How to Trace a Floor Plan

  1. On the Tools tab, click Start Trace Wizard
  2. Select the story that you will start with and click Next.
  3. Browse for your image file and open it into the program (jpg, png, or pdf)
  4. Click Start Calibration to enter measurements of a known length of a wall
  5. Go to the building tab and add your walls
  6. When you are finished tracing your floor plans, you can toggle this view off or on using the Hide/Show Trace Image button
  7. Repeat the process to add and trace floor plans for additional stories

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New Release: PhotoStage Slideshow Producer for Windows

Download PhotoStage 6.11 now at Also available for Android, Mac OS X and iOS at the same page

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How to Convert AVI to MP4 with Prism Video File Converter

How to Convert AVI to MP4 with Switch Audio File Converter

MP4 files and AVI files are two of the most popular video file formats used today. They are both common multimedia container file types and they both have their various advantages. AVI files are most often used for playback on your PC via Windows Media Player, while MP4 files are more commonly used for video playback everywhere else. If you have a video player that does not support AVI files, then you are going to want to know how to convert AVI to MP4. Converting AVI to MP4 is a very simple process for anyone and can be done by using Prism Video File Converter Software in just a few clicks.

Download & Install Prism

Download and install Prism Video File Converter on your computer. Prism can be used to convert a variety of video file formats, compress video file sizes, add effects, and make other adjustments while performing video file conversions. You can download Prism by clicking on the download button below and following the installation steps.

Import Files

The first step to convert AVI to MP4 is to import your AVI video files into the program. You can do this by dragging and dropping your video files directly into the program or by clicking on the green Add File(s) icon to launch the Locate Video File(s) window and selecting and importing your AVI video files this way.

Video Conversion Options

Click on the Options tab, located at the top of the program to view the various video file conversion options available in Prism. This is where you can adjust the overwrite settings as well as add metadata to your converted video files properties. This is also where you can add or remove Prism to/from the Windows Explorer right-click menu so that you can perform conversions without even opening the program.

Output Settings

Click on the Output Format dropdown menu to set the output file format to MP4. This will make all of the file conversions performed be to the MP4 video file format. Use the Save to Folder dropdown menu to select the output destination for your newly converted MP4 files. You may also click on the Browse button to launch the file finder window and select a more specific output destination folder on your computer or external device.

Encoder & Video Options

Click the Encoder Options button to adjust the encoding settings of your video files before you convert them. You can adjust the video quality/bitrate as well as adjust the compression settings and sound format. Click on the Video Options button to adjust the frame rate of your converted video files as well as resize them when they are converted.

Video Effects

Click on the Effects button to open the Video Effects window. Here you can add text captions to your converted video files, rotate and flip your videos, adjust color/brightness, & add watermarks. The Edit Video tab in the Video Effects window will allow you to trim down your videos as well.


Click on the Preview button to watch a preview of your video file in the format you will be converting it to. This is useful to keep an eye on the quality of the video if you are compressing it and also just to double check that you are working on the correct files if your file names aren't very descriptive.

Convert AVI to MP4

Once you have chosen your output destination and set the output file type to MP4, you are ready to convert your AVI files to MP4. Select the files that you would like to convert and click on the Convert icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the program or in the main toolbar. You can convert your files individually or hold down shift to click and select multiple files to convert all at once. The conversion process is extremely fast and your new MP4 files can then be found in your chosen output destination.

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