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Create Zip Files Using Express Zip

Zip files can often be used for a myriad of purposes; file compression, split archives and encryption to name a few. But before you can begin using zip files, you need to know the ins and outs of how to create one.

Having to share large amounts of data can be tedious and complicated. This is where zip files can become extremely useful. You can “zip up” that large amount of data into a single zip archive, and then share it. Express Zip makes this process simple and efficient for everyone to accomplish.
After you have downloaded Express Zip, begin by creating a “new archive”.
You will want to also change the location of your new zip folder by adjusting the file pathway in Express Zip. Otherwise, newly zip file archives will be stored in your Documents folder.

After you have set the destination of your new “Zip folder” you can start adding the files you want your new archive to include. To do this, simply select “Add Files” or drag and drop your files directly into the interface of Express Zip.

You will quickly notice that the process is similar to creating a new folder. Naming the new archive will make it easy to search for your archives in the future.
After you are finished adding your files, you are done! You can find the zip folder in the destination you have selected. If you wish to create an additional zip folder, simply select the brown box icon that says New and repeat the process above.

The process of creating a zip folder makes having all those files in a single zip archive extremely convenient. Not only will this make sharing your files a breeze, they’ll also be compressed to reduce storage.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Just Released: WavePad Audio Editor for Android

Download WavePad 10.08 now at Also available for iOS, Windows and macOS at the same page

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