Friday, May 29, 2020

Watermark Your Videos Using Prism Video Converter

Adding watermarks to your videos has been a staple for video takers throughout history. It is a common way to distinguish your projects and add your own personal “Digital Signature.” Many artists add watermarks to promote their brand and make their videos look more professional or simply to prevent their work from being stolen or reproduced. Whatever your reasoning is, Prism Video Converter makes it simple to add a watermark to your videos while also providing the flexibility to convert it from one format to another. Learn how easy this process can be by following the steps below.

After you’ve downloaded Prism Video Converter, add the video(s) you want watermarked. Add your files by clicking on the Add Files or simply dragging and dropping the files onto Prism.

Before adding a watermark, make sure to select your desired output format. Choose from one of the many formats Prism offers by selecting the drop-down arrow next to Output Format:

Right-click on the video you would like your watermark added to and select Watermark… The Video Effects menu will be prompted.

From the Video Effects menu, select the Watermark Tab and select Enable Watermarks.

Browse through your computer files to find the image or logo you would like your video to have as its watermark.

Select the size, opacity and positioning of your watermark all from this menu as well.

When you are finished, apply the watermark to your selected file by choosing the option at the bottom of your screen. You can add the watermark to one or all of your videos.

When you are done adding your watermark, select your output folder and click Convert:

Adding a watermark will make for new and exciting projects. Add it to any video and prevent your work from being illegally reproduced with Prism Video Converter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Friday, May 22, 2020

Convert JPEG to PDF using Pixillion Image Converter

A common conversion we often receive requests for from our users is JPEG to PDF. Pixillion Image Converter is the perfect tool to make the conversion quickly and easily. You can convert between JPG, PDF and all other popular image formats painlessly. Download today to get started!

The first step to convert JPEG to PDF is to add your files into Pixillion. You can do this by clicking on the Add Files icon in the main toolbar, or by simply dragging and dropping your JPGs from their source folder directly into the program.

Next, set the output destination for your converted PDF files. This is the location where your new files will appear after they have been converted from JPEG to PDF. Click on the Browse... button to launch the Pixillion file finder window and choose your preferred output folder.

Select PDF from the dropdown arrow next to the Output Format box. As you can see, all popular formats are supported. You are able to convert from even more formats.

Select your JPEG file or files from the list, then click the Convert button. Save time and effort with batch conversion. Pixillion allows you to convert a single file or thousands at once. To batch convert your files, click Select All on the toolbar, then click the Convert button.

Once the conversion is finished, your converted files will appear in your chosen default output folder.

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