Friday, May 22, 2009

Not sure if VoIP is right for You or Your Business?

voip business softwareWith the latest release of Axon, a virtual PBX, we have made it even easier for you to try and test a VoIP system. We have teamed up with InPhonex, so you now have the option to set up a free 14-day trial VoIP account when you are setting up Axon on your machine. So now you have two full weeks to test not only all of the call management features and benefits that this virtual PBX can provide you, but you can trial a VoIP DID phone number as well. So if you have been sitting on the fence trying to decide if you should take the plunge into the world of we hope that this will be the stepping stone you need to try it out and experience all of the benefits that VoIP can provide.

Axon is a fully featured telephone switch that can be used either VoIP telephone lines or traditional analog landlines (PSTN) with the use of hardware adapters such as FXO adapters or telephony boards, or a combination of the two. But in this economy the cost saving benefits of VoIP due to reduced hardware costs and lower phone bills make a strong case for considering the switch, and how better to learn than by testing this easy to use software for yourself. Within minutes you will be able to setup the software and start making phone calls.

Learn more about Axon and Download at

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