Saturday, August 21, 2010

Be The DJ At Your Next Party

Zulu d j software Whether you're planning an end-of-summer bash or are gearing up for parties back on campus, you should checkout Zulu DJ Software and consider playing your personal favorites for the best possible playlist at your next party.

Last week, Doug Bardwell, a technology writer for posted an article, Become the DJ you always wanted to be, recommending Zulu and some high quality headphones for students whose "playlists are more important than [their] class schedules."

Zulu allows for a wide range of control over a playlist, from an AutoPlay mode for hands-off mixing, to powerful tools for more advanced disc jockeys including real-time pitch and tempo control, cue points, and an effects rack. Plus the automatic beat detection and cross-fading between decks give you smooth transitions between songs. With all of this in an easy to use interface and your extensive music collection, why not download Zulu and give your own playlists a spin at your next event?

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