Monday, February 13, 2012

E is for Easy

NCH Software ABCs Series

We are constantly reviewing our software, not only to add new features, but also to make them easier to use. Can we make something more clear to the user? Would a startup wizard help? Is the help manual easy to understand? Would a video tutorial be helpful? Where are people getting stuck, lost or confused? These are all questions we ask when looking at any of our software programs, trying to find ways to make sure you have the ideal experience with your software.

Quick and Easy SoftwareWe have posted before about how it is our continuing mission to make it possible for you to install and be using our software in 3 minutes or less. That's it. Just three minutes. That really isn't very long and it can go by faster than you think, so it is very important to make things clear, easy and intuitive. So if we haven't completely solved your problem in those three minutes you should at least feel like you are well on your way, and with each new release we are looking for ways to help make that getting-started time frame smaller.

So if you're looking for easy software, try our programs, and if you have ideas on how we can make them easier or better suited for what you want to do, please share your suggestions here.

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