Friday, September 9, 2011

Learn 10-Key with KeyBlaze

Learn 10 Key with KeyBlaze Typing Tutor SoftwareYou are probably already aware of the importance of knowing how to touch type, but did you stop with the QWERTY portion of the keyboard? From data entry to math calculations, there are many professions where it is also very useful to be well-versed in using the number pad, or 10-key typing. Similar to touch typing, the benefits of practice and proficiency include increased speed, efficiency and accuracy, which can make tasks like entering data into a spreadsheets both faster and less painful.

Especially in data entry occupations, acquiring superior 10-key skills will result in higher paychecks. Many employers expect you to have a minimum of 8000-10000 keystrokes per hour (KPH) with 100% accuracy, while experienced clerks tout average speeds around 15000 KPH and above. Practicing 10-key on a computer program will also translate to increased skills on an adding machine, though there are some notable differences. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor has lessons for 10-key typing, in addition to touch typing, so that you can practice and improve your skills in both areas. So whether you are trying to improve your words per minute or keystrokes per hour, KeyBlaze is all you need.

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