Friday, March 16, 2012

How Many People Can You Stream Media To?

Stream video and audio from your PC computerIf you have music, audio files or videos that you want to share with your friends or put on a business website, you have a lot of options including posting on Facebook, YouTube, web servers and more. BroadWave streaming audio software and BroadCam streaming video software are a wonderful choice for hosting and sharing files with people directly from your computer, making it easy to put content up, take content down, invite specific people to listen or view, or even stream live content in addition to pre-recorded content.

But then the question becomes how many people can listen or view your content at once? To figure out how large an audience you can handle, you need to know two things. What the outgoing bandwidth is on your internet connection, and the bitrate of the file or stream that you are broadcasting. For example, if you have a podcast streaming at 128 kbps and you have 1536 kbps of upload bandwidth, you can support 1536/128 = 12 simultaneous listeners.

To help you make the calculations for your computer, here is a Streaming Bandwidth Calculator and an Internet Speed Test that can tell you what your download and upload speeds are.

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