Sunday, September 8, 2013

Digitize Video from VHS to AVI, DVD or MPG

Recently we talked about the birthday of audio cassette tapes, and how some of you might have an old collection you might want to consider digitizing. Well, the same can be done with video cassettes too. If you want to digitize old VHS tapes Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter is here to help with the digital video transformation.
In addition to Golden Videos you will need a video capture device to connect your VCR to your PC, with your VCR connected and Golden Videos installed the hard part is done. Golden Videos will guide you step by step through converting VHS tapes. The only other things you need are a little patience while the video is being processed and about 80GB of disc space for each 2hr movie you are converting.

The ambitious can go a step further to enhance the newly digitized video files by taking them to other video programs. With either the easy VideoPad video editor, or PhotoStage slideshow creator you can easily edit movies and combine video with other media make video montages of life's golden memories and significant events, saving into fun and shareable videos for this digital age.


  1. My webcams work splendidly, except via your debut software, which turns the picture upside down and makes left become right. I have tried to update my webcam LOGITECH software, and my ACER software.

    The picture changes occured during a video recording session.


    1. Sorry to hear about your issues! Our support team can help with this:


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