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How to Batch Convert Video Files - Prism Video Converter

Converting Multiple Video Files Quickly and Easily Using Prism Video Converter

There are times when one needs to convert many video files at once - transferring them into your phone or handheld gaming device, or turning them into WMV format to include them in a PowerPoint presentation.

There are many video converters out there, but Prism Video Converter is designed for this purpose with:
  • Support for most major video formats
  • Ability to take in different formats in the same batch
  • Output video/audio quality options
  • Ability to resize video and add effects
  • Command line mode for batch conversion automation (advanced users only

  • Source: Wikipedia

How to Batch Convert Videos Using Prism

Note: This is a feature available in the premium version - the free regular version  allows for one conversion at a time.

Converting multiple files in Prism is a simple process:
  1. In Prism, click 'Add Files' to select the video files you want formatted. It is okay to have differing file types in the same batch.
    • To make the process faster, it is recommended to move/copy the files ahead of time to a single folder on your computer so you can easily add all the files at once by clicking 'Add Folder'.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, set your destination folder - if the folder specified does not exist, Prism will prompt you to create it.
  3. Specify the output format you would like. The dropdown menu will have all of the formats available as well as formats ready for specific devices (phones, iPads, XBox, etc)
  4. Set 'Encoder Settings', which determines video and audio quality. The Prism manual has more information on what each setting does.
  5. Set 'Video Options' to resize the videos or set them to a particular aspect ratio and to limit framerates if necessary.
  6. Add desired effects - color settings, filters, adding a caption or watermark, and rotate/flip.
  7. Hit 'Convert' and watch as the converted files are placed in your specified output folder!

Click on the link to download or purchase:
Prism Video Converter by NCH Software

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