Monday, May 1, 2017

Choose the Color Palette for your Home with DreamPlan Home Designer

Change Colors and Materials in DreamPlan Home Design Software

How to Pick Colors and Materials for Your Walls and Furniture with DreamPlan

DreamPlan is an easy to use home design software that can create beautiful home and landscape designs. Decorate the interior and exterior of your home design to test out design concepts, colors and materials before purchasing materials or paint. DreamPlan allows users to see how remodeling projects will look before materials have been purchased and physical labor has been put into the home remodeling project. To allow for the best customization options possible, we have recently added new features to DreamPlan to make changing materials, colors, and textures easier than ever. 

Select an Object to Edit

To select an object, such as a wall, piece of furniture, window, floor, planter, tree, door or deck, enable the select tool by clicking on the hand icon in the right hand menu. If the background of the hand icon is green, the selection tool is enabled.

When you hover your mouse over any object in DreamPlan while the selection tool is enabled, an outline will appear. You can click on any object to select it. Once an object has been selected, you can easily change the object's color, texture and other optional aspects. 

Edit an Object's Properties

When you select an object in your DreamPlan project, a properties panel will open on the left hand side of the program window. This panel will display optional properties that can be edited to customize the object that is selected. These properties can include values such as height, width, rotation, color and texture. You can use the properties panel to customize every aspect of your home design project. 

Change the Color of Furniture and Building Materials

To change the color of an object, click on the icon to the right of the material that you would like to edit. This will open a color selection box where you can select a preset color, or create and save custom colors.

You can change the color of most objects, including furniture, plants, flooring, walls, windows and more. Choose your own color combinations to customize your home design project interior, exterior, backyard, and pool. 

Try Out Different Building Materials

Some objects, such as flooring, walls and decks, will include a style as well as a color. For these objects, you can select from different materials. Choose from various brick, wood, and tile designs for interior and exterior floors, walls, decks and more. 

For more DreamPlan tips and tricks, visit our DreamPlan video tutorial page.

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