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Building the Perfect Doomsday Bunker With DreamPlan

Build the Perfect Doomsday Bunker With DreamPlan

Nobody knows when it will happen or why. It could be the result of an alien invasion, a zombie apocalypse, or an all-out nuclear war. Regardless of the reason, you can never be too prepared for the inevitable collapse of our civilization. One thing you can be certain of is that if the end is near, you need to be ready. Using a 3D modeling software such as DreamPlan, you can design the perfect doomsday bunker to survive.


Location is everything when planning your doomsday bunker. Scope out a well-hidden spot, preferably close to a water source and far away from any major highways. You don’t need much land, maybe a half acre or so. Check for electric and gas lines before you break ground and most importantly, make sure you weren’t followed. 

Map Out the Location of Your Bunker

Fence It In

Start with a fence. You are going to want to make your fence at least 12’ tall. There’s no telling what’s going to be trying to get over that fence when doomsday strikes and you don’t want to be outside fortifying a fence that’s too short once the oxygen has turned into sulfur.

Fence In Your Bunker

Time To Dig

Dig your bunker nice and deep. Use strong materials for your floors and walls. Wood is good, but metal is better. DreamPlan comes with many durable materials for fortifying your bunker such as cement, bricks, and concrete. Once you have dug out your bunker, you can begin to design the floor plan and start filling it with supplies.

Dig Your Bunker

The Element of Disguise

Keeping your bunker hidden from outsiders is one of the most important steps to designing your doomsday shelter. You don't want any uninvited guests finding you and your fellow survivors before you want to be found. Use some of the many plant objects in DreamPlan to surround your bunker with natural plants and foliage. Change the color of any part of your bunker that is above ground so that it blends in well with your surroundings. This will keep any U.F.O.'s or government drones from seeing you from above.

Camouflage Your Bunker

Bunking In Your Bunker

Sleeping arrangements will be tight in your doomsday bunker. Especially if there are a lot of survivors after the initial blast. You will need to make sure you have adequate accommodations for sleeping in your bunker.

Bunking in the Bunker


Keeping food on the table for you and your fellow survivors will be one of the hardest parts about bunker life. Make sure your kitchen is well equipped for long term storage of food and for preparing daily meals. Plant a garden outside of your bunker to grow nutritious nuclear herbs and vegetables in the new apocalyptic environment. Who knows, maybe they will give you super-powers?

Feed Your Fellow Survivors 


Fresh water is going to be hard to come by in the apocalyptic wasteland you will be living in. With the city water contiminated and no electricty to pump water to your bunker, your bunker plumbing will depend entirely on your ability to collect water. Place barrels around your bunker so that you can collect rainwater. You can replenish them with water from the closest source when the inevitable drought kicks in.

Water Supply

Fight Back

Equip your doomsday bunker with a room full of tools. Tools are great for upkeep of your bunker, but even better for defending yourself against zombies or rogue road warriors. You can install lockers and pegboards for holding and storing all of your bunker defense tools and supplies.

Weapons Room

Keep Your Sanity

One of the most important factors to consider for surviving the apocalypse is maintaining your own personal sanity. Allocate some space in your bunker for activities to keep you and your fellow survivors entertained while you count the days. Dreamplan is equipped with many great bunker activities such as dartboards, pool tables, board games and more.

Don't Lose Your Mind

Emergency Evacuation Plan

It is a very real possibility that you will have to leave your bunker in a fight or flight scenario. In the event of a "bugout" it is important to have an escape plan. Use DreamPlan to map out your evacuation route. Place your getaway vehicles in an inconspicuous location nearby, so that when the time comes, you can get out fast.


Happy April 1st from NCH Software!

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