Friday, January 3, 2020

Synthesize Your Text Files Using Voxal Voice Changer

By now, we are positive you’ve had a chance to get to know our voice changing software and had the chance to modify, change and disguise your voice using one of the myriad voice effects options provided. With Voxal Voice Changer it is also simple to convert text to speech using the "Synthesize" feature.

Download Voxal

Begin by downloading Voxal. With voxal it is easy and fun to change your voice digitally. After downloading and installing, notice the status log at the bottom portion of the window.
Make sure it reads: “Voxal has started correctly” this will ensure an enhanced experience:

Synthesize Tool

Before clicking on the synthesize button, you will want to select a voice effect to apply to the audio. You can find all the voice effects on the left portion of Voxal's interface. When you are ready to synthesize your text files into a recording; locate the “Synthesize” feature located under the “Tools” tab:
Begin loading your text by selecting the “Load Text” button on the left. You can load text from your clipboard, an open Word document or from a text file.

After the text has loaded onto the screen, select the “Read” button to preview audio of your text. You can select a different voice effect by clicking the “Stop” button and choosing one from the previous screen while the synthesize screen is open. To hear the new voice effect, simply click the Read button again.

When you are happy with your audio, select the “Process” button. This will prompt open the "Save File as" screen:

From this screen, you can choose the file type you want to save your new recording as, the file name and the new recording destination. Save your new recordings by clicking the “Save” button. We are sure this will save you time and effort when having to record long scripts or text files.

From everyone at NCH Software, we hope you have a happy and successful New Year!

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