Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's in a Name?

One of the questions I hear quite a bit is "What does NCH stand for?" The surprising answer is that it doesn't stand for anything. NCH was picked somewhat at random based on the available three letter domain names that were available in Australia when NCH Software was getting started.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons some people have a hard time remembering our name. There are a surprisingly high number of people searching for 'MCH Software' or 'NHC Software' and other misspellings on Google and other search engines.

I was working at NCH for several months before my mother realized that NCH Software was the same initials as her high school (New Canaan High School), and it wasn't until she made that connection that she could remember the name of the company that I work for.

So to help those of you who didn't go to New Canaan High School, what could NCH stand for that you could use for your own memory trick? If you have any ideas for a good mnemonic for remembering NCH, comment with your suggestion.


  1. Good idea for a contest! How about :

    Next Computer Harvest

  2. How about:

    New Concept Heros :)


  3. Thank you to everyone who entered. We chose "New Computer Harmony" as the winner, so Kef will be receiving a registration code for WavePad.


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