Thursday, October 22, 2009

Radio World User Report on BroadWave Audio Streaming Software

BroadWave Makes Streaming So Easy,
It Helped Keep Radio Show Alive After Station Was Sold

broadwave internet radio streaming audio server softwareRadio World just published a User Review of BroadWave Streaming Audio Server in their buyers guide for Internet and Streaming Services for Radio. The Review, written by NCH Software customer Gene Mitchell, highlights how BroadWave was able to help keep the "Computer Corner" radio show alive after the station it was originally aired on was sold.

"I have to say that the BroadWave Streaming Server was the simplest software to install, the easiest to use, the easiest to modify and provided the best experience."

-Gene Mitchell, Host "Computer Corner"

Read the whole story BroadWave Makes Streaming Easy: Pennsylvania Engineer/Host Gets Creative When Station Is Sold in the October 21, 2009 issue of RadioWorld Magazine. You can also Check out Gene's Computer Corner on Fifth Dimension Radio Network.

Learn more about BroadWave Streaming Audio Software and how you can use this audio streaming software to broadcast your own internet radio station or podcasts.

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