Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Speed Up Your New Computer With Warp Registry Cleaner

Warp, computer speed up software and registry cleanerAlready I'd bet you're asking "Why do I need to clean my PC registry when I just bought it?" The answer is simple: Warp Registry Cleaner is not just a tool to fix errors in your registry. Warp also includes a feature to block programs from starting when you boot up your computer. Again, you might be thinking, "Why would I need to stop programs from running at startup?" The truth is most new computers come with tons of "PC tools" that are not needed at all. Some of these programs may be useful, but you may find many you won't use or trials you don't want that the PC manufacturer got paid to pre-install for you. Too many of these programs can slow down a computer drastically when they are all running. Using Warp PC Speed Up Software to stop these programs from running at startup is a great way to speed up even the fastest and newest of computers.

To see what is running at start up simply leave the "Programs run during startup" box checked when you run the Warp Wizard. The next page will list all of the applications that are currently launching at startup. Uncheck any items you no longer want to be launched. Press Continue and you are done, and those programs will no longer slow down your computer's boot time. So download Warp to speed up your computer no matter how old it is.

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