Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Saving Loops and Samples for DJs

Feedback from our customers is very important in helping improve our software product offerings. Some of the best features in our products have been suggested by people who have used our software and have ideas on how to make it better. One of the most recent updates to our Zulu DJ Software came about as a result of feedback from DJs.

Zulu now features an enhanced, easy-to-use sample bank that lets you load up to 32 loops and samples that you can easily access while tracks are playing on the main decks. The Loops and Samples tab is located in the lower pane along with the Playlist.

Zulu D J Mixing Software Loop and Sample Bank

DJs can use the Loops and Samples bank for any kind of short recording that they want to drop in while a song is playing, or even use it in between songs for announcements. The recordings can be played once or can be set to loop mode to continue playing until paused or turned off. Each sample also features volume control and buttons for sync and pitch. The sync button allows you to sync the sample file beat to the beat of the currently loaded deck. Use the pitch button to prevent pitch changes while you sync the beat.

Whether you're DJing a wedding, adding life to a party, working as club DJ, or just having fun at home, the enhanced Loops and Samples bank in Zulu DJ Software will help you sound your best.

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