Tuesday, September 15, 2009

iPhone VoIP Applications

iPhone VoIP Applications Since its inception last year, Apple's App store has evaluate over 200,000 applications and updates. It has been reported that they receive 8,500 new apps a week!

But it still seems their guidelines are a bit unclear. Reviewers check for a variety of things such as: buggy software, crashing apps, use of unauthorized API, privacy violations, inappropriate content for children, and anything that "degrades the core experience of the iPhone."

Recently Vonage announced that their mobile application for iPhone made it through Apple's approval board. How is this possible? Vonage is a VoIP provider after all.

Through Apple's exclusive contract with AT&T they are obligated to follow AT&T's terms of service. This means iPhone apps cannot use AT&T's 3G signal to place calls. It does however leave room for apps to use the iPhone's WiFi signal.

This is exactly what the new Vonage app does. Although it has not been reported what exact capabilities the Vonage app will have, it will only be using the iPhone's WiFi to connect.

As the iPhone's exclusivity may be drawing to a close with AT&T, will the VoIP app approval process be altered?

Would you be interested in a VoIP application like our Express Talk on your phone?

Because of some of the unclear guidelines when we announced plans to start developing for the iPhone Express Talk want' originally on the list, but users of the Express Talk Pocket PC already enjoy the extra flexibility of being able to take their VoIP phone number with them wherever they go, and with the extra business features like transferring calls, call recording and a push to talk intercom.

The jury is still out, but perhaps there will be NCH VoIP iPhone apps on the horizon as well as Express Dictate and WavePad Audio Editor which are already being planned.

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