Thursday, June 24, 2010

TempoPerfect Metronome Software is Now an iPhone App

TempoPerfect iPhone Metronome ScreenshotMetronomes are essential for keeping time, improving practice sessions, and for developing a consistent rhythmic feel.

For a long time, NCH Software has offered TempoPerfect metronome software free to musicians, providing a clear and precise beat on their PC, pocket PC or smartphone. TempoPerfect is now also available for the iPhone, giving musicians one more way to stay on the beat wherever they go.

TempoPerfect has a highly accurate, and easily adjustable tempo that won't wind down like older mechanical metronomes. You can set the correct beats per minute (BPM) for any tempo, using the BPM tempo guide for reference. Additional features allow you to subdivide beats to hear tricky patterns like triplets, or accent the first beat in a measure when working in difficult time signatures.

We're pleased to make TempoPerfect even more accessible to musicians everywhere. And if you like TempoPerfect you should also check out our other software for musicians.

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