Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Key to Success: Touch Typing

Knowing how to touch type is a basic necessity for children growing up in the information age. It is no longer practical for children to go through high school, let alone college, using the "hunt and peck" method of typing. It's important for children to learn how to touch type at a young age before bad habits become engrained.

Benefits of touch typing
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor SoftwareThe benefits of knowing how to touch type include being able to edit on the fly, transcribe from a written document or from word of mouth, and increased typing speed. Knowing how to touch type can more than double your typed words-per-minute speed, going from an average of 30 wpm to upwards of 80 wpm. Imagine how much faster homework and other typing activities can be done just by having better typing skills.

Even though typing is so important, touch typing isn't always taught in schools simply because there just isn't enough time to squeeze it into the curriculum. Other times, even when typing is taught, it is taught after children have adopted the "hunt and peck" method, a habit that dies hard.

When should you learn how to touch type?
Most schools begin to teach typing skills during the 4th grade, but kids today are exposed to computers younger and younger ages. With this trend continuing, learning to touch type at early age is becoming more important than ever before, and more parents looking into typing tutor software to teach their kids how to type at home.

Learning to type is essential for all kids growing up today, but it can also be beneficial to adults as well. If parents become interested in touch typing, children are more likely to be interested. Additionally, adults who work to develop their typing skills can expect to see improved work productivity, and potentially more job opportunities.

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