Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Remote Computer Access Software

new free desktopnow remote computer access softwareDesktopNow is a newly released, free program for remotely accessing your computer. After you install DesktopNow, you can select which folders you want access to. Then, when you are away from your computer, no matter where you are or which computer or device you use, log in to your computer using any web browser. You’ll have fast, easy, and secure access to all your important files.

Having DesktopNow means you never need to worry about not having that file you need. You’ll always be able to log in to your computer to upload, access or retrieve files.

And this first release of DesktopNow Remote Computer Access Software is just the beginning. Future releases will include additional features for controlling your computer and desktop from remote locations in addition to the current file management features.


  1. This is incredible...but how safe is using DesktopNow. Is it based on cloud computing?

  2. It isn't a cloud in the respect that you are not storing your information on our servers, it is more like you are turning your computer into a small server for your own use, and you can use an SSL secure connection (https://) to help protect your information.

  3. Jenifer and the people at NCH,

    Your comments report is dated Dec/2011. have any upgrades been made on DesktopNow to allow remote desktop control over the internet?

    1. Yes, this was added in version 1.04 which was released at the beginning of June.


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