Friday, May 18, 2012

L is for Live

NCH Software ABCs Series

Software to Stream and Broadcast Live Audio and Video from your PC
Broadcast Live Audio
Use BroadWave audio streaming software for broadcasting online radio, or airing live concerts, podcasts and events. You can stream content coming from any audio input connected to your computer and the streamed audio can be played in all popular web browsers.

Broadcast Live Video
For streaming video or motion jpegs BroadCam video streaming software allows you to set up live video streams from sources such as a webcam or network IP camera. All viewers need to tune in is a flash plugin installed on their web browser or Windows Media Player. This makes BroadCam an ideal solution for broadcasting video announcements, lectures, events and more.

Both of these streaming programs can also be used to host and stream finished and edited recordings, but don't forget that broadcasting live is also an option. When you have a message or event you want to get out immediately, without the delay recording, editing or uploading your audio or video content, BroadCam and BroadWave can make it happen.

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