Monday, May 7, 2012

K is for Keep

software to backup, encrypt, store and save your files. Keep your data safe.NCH Software ABCs Series

Having a computer crash or losing files or mobile devices is incredibly stressful. Not only is it inconvenient, but our lives are becoming more and more digital and there is a lot more at stake than just the computer itself. I myself have plenty of things that I want to hang on to and I'm sure you do too. Here are some software tools you should take a look at to help you recover, backup, save, or store your documents.

If you have lost a file there is still a chance you can recover it. With Orion File and Photo Recovery Software you can scan your Windows PC or external drives for any deleted files that haven't been overwritten. You may be able to locate and recover the file, which is helpful for when something is accidentally deleted. However data recovery software shouldn't be your only line of defense in preventing file loss.

FileFort Backup Software provides a simple and easy to use interface for backing up your important files or folders to a variety of different destinations. You can decide where the best place to store your data is, whether it is an external hard drive, network folder, or a remote drive accessed via ftp. You can also store on physical media, including a USB stick or burning to a CD. FileFort is ideal for regularly backing up a smaller set of files. For backing up more extensive file systems on disc or via FTP you can also take a look at Express Burn or Fling FTP File Synchronization Software.

MEO Encryption Software is another important tool to have on hand if you have any files containing sensitive information. By encrypting your files you can make sure important information is kept away from prying eyes. Encryption is most useful when sharing information with others, but make sure you have safeguards in place on private information, such as a solid fire wall system and anti-virus protection.

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  1. Great series, I appreciate your effort!

  2. Nice one! Really creative! I would love to know for R!

  3. I feel the same. The crashing of the computers can be a serious tedious task. It takes a lot of time and efforts to bring it back to the old form.


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