Friday, September 7, 2012

Top Video Converter Software

5 Star CNet review for Prism Video ConverterThe editors at CNET recently took the time to review our Prism Video Converter. As they mention, digital videos are great until you run into one that you can't use or watch, which is when video converting software comes to the rescue. And what more could you look for in a converter than "a straightforward, efficient tool for video conversion," as the editors at CNET described Prism in their 5 star review, going on to say:

"Prism Video File Converter has an attractive, intuitive interface that we had no trouble figuring out ... Converting a video -- or batch of videos -- is as simple as navigating to the desired files, adding them to the list of files to convert, and selecting the desired output format."

You can read the complete review of Prism Video Converter on, or simply download Prism now so you are armed and ready for any video files that might come your way, no matter what format they are in.

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