Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Mac Personal Finance Software

New Mac Personal Finance Software Free Our newest program, MoneyLine Personal Finance Software, is available for Mac OS X. We sometimes wait before releasing a Macintosh version of a program, but we have seen and heard the outcry of Mac users who are frustrated with the lack of updates and support of Quicken for Mac. So we are stepping in to provide MoneyLine as the personal finance software alternative for Mac users, to fill that hole in personal accounting software choices for Mac users.

From downloading transactions directly from your bank and digitally balancing your checkbook to categorizing purchase transactions to see where your money is going and stay in control of your personal finances. We hope you agree MoneyLine Personal Finance Software is an easy, consolidated way to organize and track your spending. But, do let us know anything we can do to make it an even better solution for Mac money management.

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