Thursday, June 20, 2013

Improvements to Home Security with Software & Technology

Guest post by Sara Stringer

Home Security Software and Technology Improvements Smartphone software apps are entering almost every industry at an astonishing pace. From finance to the entertainment industry, innovation in home security technology has made way for mobile apps that allow home owners to take control of monitoring while on the go. Software has also made monitoring much more affordable than conventional monitoring systems which likely also require technical knowledge to operate and use.

Authorized dealers of leading security providers such as dealing in ADT and other security companies have adapted to mobile software and their customers can take advantage of real-time monitoring, updates and the ability to arm or disarm the security system remotely.

Here are some benefits of software monitoring applications:

1. Video monitoring
Video monitoring was once considered as an expensive investment, but software like EyeLine home surveillance software has made video monitoring quite easy and accessible from any remote location with an active connection nearby.

Review the recorded video footage at any time. If you want know who left the microwave on or what the pet is getting into while you’re away, you just need to check the video recording. Eyeline can also be configured to allow 24-hour live streaming and to send alerts the moment when someone enters or goes out of the house.

2. Energy savings
Advanced monitoring systems can even link in with your appliances, including your television and air conditioner. For example, you can turn on the television to portray that someone is in the house while you’re away. Or, remotely turn off appliances in case you forgot to turn them off when leaving home for both energy savings and increased security.

3. Wider coverage
Security software has extended the monitoring coverage by leaps and bounds. Conventional systems only enabled users to monitor from a specific range, which was a barrier for those who were traveling but wanted to keep an eye on their home. Mobile home security monitoring is quite flexible in this regard and can be accessed when you are out of the city or state, and receiving alerts in the form of e-mail or SMS can provide further peace of mind no matter where you are.

Despite all the attractions software apps offer for home security, you should also note there are security issues that need to be taken into consideration. Your home would be at risk if you don’t configure passwords on your phone, Wi-Fi and other devices. Even with passwords there are still potential security vulnerabilities.

Your best bet is to keep your phone and mobile devices in your possession at all times. And it isn't recommended to feed your home address, social security number, or other private details into your phone in case it lands in someone else's hands.

Security systems, software and apps can also be used for other functions like parents making use of new technology to make sure their children are getting home after school, or checking in on a house sitter while you are away.

This kind of monitoring software may also be used to monitor investment properties, temporary vacation homes and more. Take your home security efforts to the next level as this industry continues to grow and discover itself.


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