Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creative Business Card Ideas - Improve & Customize Templates

I love creative design and looking at articles showcasing interesting, effective and creative business cards and logos. Although often the ideas featured, while incredibly creative, aren't using techniques that a majority of companies would find feasible to implement. But, even if you are a one man show just getting off the ground, doesn't mean that you can't be creative and add a little flare to your business cards that will make you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking about the possibilities of what you can do even if you are making your own cards using a business card template instead of going to a high priced design firm:

Pick the Right Paper
Not all paper is created is created equal. The same design can have a different effect when printed on a different kind of paper. A heavier card stock will help create an impression of strength and stability. An interesting or unusual texture will stand out and grab a closer look. Use a vellum or a transparency sheet to let the light shine through, or create an earthy feel with a natural paper. Small changes like the type of paper you pick can help support your brand and help your business card stand out.

Change bussiness card color schemes
Change the Color
One of the fun features in CardWorks business card software is the option to change the color scheme of a template expanding the range of possibilities. This not only gives you more choices and flexibility in finding a single card design for business; this can be a fun way to add a little variety by printing several cards using the same layout but different color schemes.

Try a different business card size
Change the Cut
Even with a template, you can change the size of your business card. A fancy cut may not be reasonable, but with some designs taking a little more off one of the sides would only require moving a few items. Business cards have a very standard size, so changing the proportions will be a noticeable change that will help your card unique with little extra effort.

Add a call of action to your business card
Add Some Personality
Even the text on your business card is a place to spice things up. You have probably seen companies that use creative titles like "Sandwich Artist" or "Sales Ninja." In addition to the job title you can also consider using the space that was designated for a company slogan or tagline to add a call to action or quote to make you more memorable.

Add A QR Code
Add a coupon or a QR Code to business cards The templates available for CardWorks business card software have space for a photo. Adding your picture can make a business card feel more personable, but to change things up, you can also use that image space to add something else like a QR code that will open your website or go to a special offer. This will make your business car more engaging, and pique people's interest and curiosity.

Show where you are located with a map on your business card
Display Your Location
In The Tipping Point one idea Malcolm Gladwell discussed was how adding a map showing the location of the college health center on an immunization flier increased the the number of students who came in the door, even though students would have already known where the health center was. A map can help people figure out how something fits into their lives/plans, and remind them where to go. Help people find you by changing the image on the back-side of your business card to be a map. Instead of using the default back-side of a template or leaving the back blank, load a map to be the background image to help customers remember where to find you.

Try PhotoPad photo editor to clean up your photo, crop a map or edit any other digital images before you place them on your business aard in CardWorks, then have fun taking those business card templates to the next level and making them the right fit for you and your business.


  1. Who would have thought that business card becomes back bone of our business. If your card is good at design, it will show your personality likewise your business too.

  2. Creativity in business card design is very important to enhance the worth of a business because people know only those who stand out with creative ideas.

  3. Hey, Thanks for sharing these ideas.
    Creative Business Cards are a crucial part of doing business and presenting oneself professionally.

  4. Very useful and informative articles.
    A good business cards style that is commercially printed can project an image of quality and professionalism, which in turn creates trust in you and your organization.

  5. I Love business cards designing and web designing, the things which you have mentioned are very unique and it can help me in creating new ideas... :-)


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