Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New PlayPerfect Music Practice Software

New Software to help learn a musical instrument Brand new for Windows is the music practice software, PlayPerfect. PlayPerfect is designed to be like a real-world Guitar Hero, where you are not just playing along with a song in a game, but learning how to play an instrument.

Using visual cues to display where you are in song, as well as if you are getting the notes correct along with other tools like music playback and performance reports will help young musicians train their ear and make practice sessions more effective. We hope that PlayPerfect will be a fun way to practice music and a beneficial tool as you work towards mastery of your musical instrument. Download PlayPerfect Music Practice Software free and let us know how it helps you, or your kids, when learning a new instrument.

Find more useful musical applications to try on the musician software page.

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