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Responsible parents know they can’t personally monitor their children’s Internet use 24 hours a day, so they rely on parental control software to stop their kids from viewing inappropriate or dangerous things. Verity recently made’s list as one of the top parental control software packages available. TopTenReviews called it an “effective tool for making your children safer online.” Here’s why.

The Ability to Block or Approve Specific Sites

Parents who are worried about their children accessing specific websites or applications can use Verity to ensure that they don’t do so. Verity’s filters allow parents to blacklist or whitelist particular sites and applications. In order to block your child’s access to a particular application, you just need to input the filename you want blocked, including the .exe extension. Parents could use this to block the use of Web browsers altogether if a child is grounded from the Internet as well as blocking specific applications that could be troublesome.

The Ability to Monitor and Control Usage

If you’re concerned about your children spending too much time on the Internet, you’ll appreciate Verity’s usage monitoring software. You can set it so that children are only able to access the Internet at certain times of day. For example, if you don’t want your kids online while you aren’t home, you can set Verity to block access to the Internet until 1800 hours (6 p.m.) when you will be home.

In addition to controlling usage, you can also monitor it. Verity allows you to check your kids’ Internet usage from any Internet-connected device. Thus, if you’re worried about your kids spending all afternoon online, you can check from your phone, tablet or work computer to see how much Internet has been used and what sites your kids have been on. If you aren’t happy with what you see, you can block Internet access right then and there through the remote application. Future versions of the software are planned to include even more monitoring capabilities, including keystroke-tracking functionality.

Greater Control Over What Your Kids See

Some software packages pre-set filters by age, so that your kindergartener automatically is prohibited from accessing certain sites that your high school senior can see. Verity leaves it up to you to decide which sites or applications to block, giving you greater control over what your kids do or don’t access online than software packages that use a one-size-fits-all package.

Verity offers parents complete control over when and what their children access online. Parents who are concerned about their kids’ Internet use will find this software package very helpful for both monitoring and control, which is why TopTenReviews recommends it so highly.

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