Friday, July 22, 2016

How To Create a Slideshow with PhotoStage

Create a SlideShow in Minutes with PhotoStage

With the popularity of smartphones and social media, photography has become increasingly prevalent and nearly everyone has a large number of photos from past trips, adventures, and day-to-day events. One great way to save memories, photos, videos and audio recordings for posterity is by creating a slideshow. With PhotoStage, creating a slideshow is simple and even fun to do!

How to Create a Slideshow with PhotoStage

Creating a slideshow with PhotoStage is quick, easy, and fun. PhotoStage is available for download online on simply download and get started creating slideshows today!

Step 1: Upload Photos, Videos, and Audio

To begin creating your slideshow, click on the "Add Photos", "Add Videos", and "Add Audio" buttons to upload your media to PhotoStage. All uploads will show up under the "Media" tab. 

Step 2: Add Media to Slideshow

To add images, video, or audio to your slideshow, simply drag and drop media on the Slideshow area.

Step 3: Save and Export Slideshow

While you are editing your slideshow, you can stop and save your project to return to edit it at a later point in time. To save your project, select "Save Project File" from the File menu. When you have finished your slideshow, you can export it to share with friends and family, To Export your finished slideshow, select "Export Slideshow" from the File menu and follow the prompts that appear on the screen. You can export your slideshow directly to a disc, YouTube, or social media, or you can save it as a file on a computer or portable device. 

Optional Features and Effects

Adjust Slide Duration

Adjusting the duration of your slides is easy. Slides are automatically set to each show for 3 seconds. If you would like to display a photo for a longer or shorter period of time, click on the slide you would like to edit. This will open a dialogue box with a preview of the image and an option to change the duration in seconds. Simply adjust the duration and click "Apply" to change the amount of time that a slide will be shown. If you would like to change the duration of all of the slides in your slideshow, click the "Apply to all" box before you click "Apply". 

Change Slide Transitions 

PhotoStage offers a variety of different transitions that can be applied to a slideshow. To change a transition, click on the button between slides. Popular transitions include, "Fade through White", "Shatter", "Zoom", "Slide" and "Morph". Try out different transitions to see which you like the most. Transitions automatically last for 0.5 seconds, but you can also adjust the duration of transitions by clicking on the bottom of the transition icon. 

Add Music to Slideshow 

Background music can be an extremely effective tool to convey emotion in a slideshow. To add music to your slideshow, click on the "Add Audio" button and select an audio file from your computer. Drag and drop the audio file from the Media tab to the SlideShow area that says, "Drag your sound clips here".

Add Text to Slideshow Slides

You can also add text to your slideshow. This is useful for noting dates and adding names or descriptions to photos and videos in your slideshow. When adding text, you have two options: you can overlay text on a photo or video, or you can create a blank slide to display text.

To add a blank or solid colored slide to your slideshow, click the "Add Blank" button on the top bar of Photostage, or right-click and select "Add Blank Slide". 

To add text to a slide, select the slide and select a Text option from the "Text" tab. You can then edit the text, and change colors, fonts, opacity, and alignment. 

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