Friday, July 15, 2016

Convert Videos of Family Moments from Phone or Tablet Device

Tablets and mobile devices have made it incredibly easy to capture videos and pictures of daily life. Precious moments can now be easily recorded without the hassle of developing; but what about transferring or sending these videos to others? With the addition of Prism, all will have the ability to easily convert media into physical or digital copies.

Follow These Easy Steps

Step 1: Transfer the videos from the mobile device to a local computer. This can be done with either a USB Connection, Email, or File Sharing Service.

Step 2: Download the free version of NCH Prism for non-commercial use. After the download is complete, click "Add Files," this will bring up the files of the computer. Select each video that is to be converted; Prism can convert multiple videos at once.

Step 3: With all the videos uploaded, select which format is most suitable. Prism provides conversions for avi, mpg, vob, asf, wmv, and mp4 video formats from digital and physical platforms. The videos can be matched to several mobile devices, tablets, gaming systems and mp4 players.

Step 4: Before finishing the conversion process, feel free to add any video effects and previewing before finalizing. Adjust colors, screen size, resolution, add captions or watermarks, bring more creativity to the videos with these easy edits.
Step 5: After choosing the videos, making the appropriate edits, selecting the output format and previewing the video for assurance. Finalize the conversion process to either a digital file or DVD. This ability to transfer and compress digital files makes it easier to send media to others through emails, phone messages or post on social media. There is even an option through Prism to directly share these new converted files directly onto social media.

Want to create a home movie? Place a blank disk into the computer, select it before the conversion by clicking, "Browse." Then select the blank disc for the targeted conversion.

Prism is available online and the Apple Store.

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