Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Record Instrumental and Vocal Tracks with MixPad MultiTrack Mixer

Record Audio and Instrumental Tracks with MixPad MultiTrack Mixer

MixPad MultiTrack Audio Editor

MixPad is a multi-track audio mixing software that is useful in recording and mixing audio tracks. This audio software will allow you to mix an unlimited number of tracks, add audio effects such as EQ, reverb or compression, and finally export your mixes in a number of high quality formats. MixPad can export audio compilations as mp3, burn directly to a CD, or upload audio projects to SoundCloud and Dropbox.

How To Record Audio Tracks with MixPad

To enable recording in MixPad, click on the recording icon on the track that you would like to record.

When recording is enabled for a track, the recording icon will be red.

When you are ready to record, click on the recording icon on the bottom of the MixPad window. You can also use the F5 key on your keyboard to begin recording without clicking in MixPad.

To pause or stop your recording, click on the stop button, or square in the bottom toolbar. You can also press the space bar on your keyboard to stop recording without clicking in MixPad.

Recording multiple tracks will allow you to isolate instruments, vocals, and other audio tracks. With MixPad, you can then add effects, change volume levels, apply pitch correction, change stereo pan, and apply looping to tracks.

Isolated tracks will allow you to remove vocals to create audition tapes and karaoke tracks, remove or re-record instruments, and professionally edit your audio tracks. Bands and recording artists can use MixPad to lay down instrumental and vocal tracks individually, then mix, edit and upload songs directly to fans on SoundCloud with the click of a button. 

Easily Identify Instrument Tracks

You can edit the names and colors of individual tracks in order to make them easily identifiable during the editing process. To edit the name of a track, select the "Track" tab from the top menu. Click to select the track, then select, "Rename Track" from the Track Tab. 

You can also double click on the "Untitled Track" label to edit the track name. The track name will become and editable field which you can change to whatever title will be easily identifiable for you.

 To change the color of a track, select the "Track" tab from the top menu. Click to select the track, and then select "Track Color" from the  top menu. A color selector window will appear. You can select a common pre-set color, or you can create custom colors by clicking on the button that says "Define Custom Colors".

Download MixPad Here

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  1. The greatest mixing software I have ever used. Definitely an A+

  2. Can you add a keyboard instrument into it

  3. How do you hook up an electric guitar interface?

    1. Hi Tim,

      You can record your guitar on MixPad by connecting it through a USB or any of the audio inputs of your computer. MixPad currently features support for playback to ASIO, DirectSound and MME devices and recording from ASIO and MME devices. For more information, please check out our MixPad forum -

      NCH Software