Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Remove Vocals in a Song with WavePad

Music Vocal RemoverOne of the most popular features of WavePad audio editing software, is the ability to reduce or remove vocals in a song or a piece of audio. You can use the audio with the vocals removed for karaoke, sampling instruments, remixing music tracks, or simply save as an instrumental version of the song.

To remove vocals, once you have your song loaded into WavePad go to the Effects tab and click the Voice button. Select Reduce vocals from the drop-down menu. This will open a dialog box that will allow you to change the pan position and width, the vocal level, and preserve the bass. Generally the default settings will work the best, but different songs may require different settings to effectively reduce or eliminate the vocal frequencies. If the default settings don't do enough you can adjust these settings until you are satisfied with the result.

If you only want to reduce the vocals on the portion of the audio be sure to select the region first. By default if nothing is selected WavePad will apply the effect to the entire file, so you can skip the selection before choosing reduce vocals to edit the entire song.

Download WavePad music editing software today to try removing vocals from a song to make better background music, your own karaoke songs, or use the new version with a recording of your own singing rendition to mix in.


  1. hey was wondering if wave pad can remove vocals from ALL songs, Was having trouble removing the vocals from a yes album

  2. hey..please give one song with vocal......give settings for removing vocals.......and give output file......we will do same.....i am telling this because i can't remove vocals from this software

  3. Which version of Wavepad is this vocal removing effect available. I have version 4.42, but I don't see this option. Thanks.

  4. Depending on how a song was recorded it may not be able to remove a track entirely. If the vocal was recorded with reverb or other effects, that will not come off. The residual reverb will still remain.


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