Friday, August 12, 2016

Screen Capture Gameplay for Social Media with Debut

The "Let's Play," genre of videos has become a staple for internet viewers and social media. The opportunity to share the triumphs and defeats of the personal gaming experience with others has never been more available than today. Having a reliable program to record gameplay and easy uploading process is essential to any LP member. NCH Debut provides quality screen capture software that can connect with social accounts and record high resolution screens.

How To Capture Screen During Gaming

Step 1: Download NCH Debut and open the program. Select "Screen" in the toolbar directly at the top of the program. At this point it there will be a small window displaying what Debut will be recording. Select the type of video output desired and other video options directly below the screen display.

Step 2: Select a game to be recorded. It is important to record as much of the gameplay as possible,  helping immerse the viewer in the game alongside the gamer. If there are dual monitors, make sure the monitor displaying the game is selected.

Step 3: Begin recording by either selecting the "Record" button to the bottom left or under "File" in the menu bar. A prompt will ask if faster screen capture will be needed. If this a newer generation game, please select "Yes, switch to 'Fast Capture' mode." At this point begin to play the game.

Step 4: To finish, Stop the video or Ctrl + F10, then select "Recordings" in the top toolbar. This will a display a popup window where the video can be viewed for quality. Now the video will already be saved to the computer's video folder.

Also Debut can connect to social accounts directly, this can begin uploading the video to social media by selecting the "Share" button

NCH Debut can be downloaded for free.
Available for Mac and PC

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