Friday, August 5, 2016

Swimming Pool Design Software: New DreamPlan Options

DreamPlan Adds Swimming Pool Design Software

We are very excited to announce the newest feature of DreamPlan home design software: Swimming Pool Design Options!

DreamPlan will now allow users to plan and design outdoor swimming pools. Swimming pool design has been a common request from our users, and we are excited to announce that DreamPlan will now allow users to design their own backyard pools.

Swimming Pool Design

Adding an outdoor swimming pool is a dream of many home owners, and now DreamPlan can help make that dream a reality. DreamPlan is a 3D home design software that can help homeowners effectively plan their remodeling projects and construction projects. Now, you will have one more tool to help you visualize your dream home.

Adding a Pool to Your Home Design Project

To add an outdoor pool to your home design project, click on the "Exterior" tab on the top menu bar. This will open a list of exterior options that can be added to your home design. Click on the button labeled "Pools" to open the Pool Properties window.  

DreamPlan Pool Design Properties

The Pool Properties menu will allow you to paint your pool various colors, edit the pool depth, and apply textures. 

With the red cursor, you can now create a 3D model of your future pool project. Simply click the mouse where you would like your pool to begin, and click again to add corners and to finalize your pool.

Create a Rounded Pool

Once you have finalized your pool, you can drag the red markers to create rounded edges. 

Additional pool features, such as diving boards and pool ladders are available within the "Misc" section of the "Exterior" tab.

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