Friday, September 2, 2016

Add Curved Text to Images with DrawPad

Add Curved Text to Images with DrawPad Graphic Editor

Announcing: Curved Text in DrawPad Graphic Editor

We are thrilled to announce the newest feature in DrawPad Graphic Editor - curved text options! Now, you can quickly and easily add curved text to images, graphics, and drawings that you create with DrawPad.

Add Curved Text to Images

To begin, select the "Curved Text" icon from the program's top menu bar. 

Once you have selected the curved text tool, you can draw a curve. The curve that you draw will serve as an outline for the curved text and will not appear in your final drawing. The curved text tool will create an outline that looks like this:
Once you have drawn your curve, you can drag the black points to change the shape of the curve.

When you are ready to add text, simply begin typing. The text that you type will wrap around the curve.
 Once you are finished, the curve outline will be removed and your text curve will be shown alone.

 Wrap Text Around a Shape or Object

Curved text can also be added to rectangles, polygons, triangles and poly line shapes. To add text to a shape, begin by creating the shape that you would like to use with the "Rectangle", "Polygon", "Triangle" and "Poly Line" buttons from the top bar menu. When you are finished creating your shape, right-click on the shape and select "Convert to Path" from the drop down menu.

Converting the shape to a path will create an outline similar to the curve outline shown above. You can drag and drop these points to alter the path that your text will be created upon. Right click on the shape and select "Create Curved Text Along This Path" to add curved text to the shape. Begin typing to add text around the shape.

Text Options - Colors, Fonts and Outlines

Change Font Colors

You can change the color of the text and the outline of curved text. To change the color of your text, simple click on the "Fill" option in the "Color Picker" window on the right hand side of your screen to change the fill color. You can open the Color Picker to enter a HEX code or select a color from the color wheel, or you can fill text with a pattern. 

Change Font Outline

To remove the outline from text, you can change the "Outline Width" to "0". To change the color of the font outline, click on the "Stroke" option in the "Color Picker" window on the right hand side of the program window. In the same way that you can change the font fill color, you can use the stroke option to open the Color Picker and enter any HEX code, or simply select a color from the color wheel. 

Change Font

To change the font used, select a font from the drop down list in the "Curved Text Options" section of the right hand menu. The font options that will be displayed in the drop down menu will be the fonts that you have installed on your computer. You can also use bold, italics, and underlines with your text.


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