Friday, March 2, 2018

Bypass Voxal Voice Changer Effects

How To Switch Back to a Normal Voice with Voxal Voice Changer

Bypass Voice Effects with Voxal Voice Changer

With Voxal voice changing software, you can change your voice in realtime to sound like a girl, alien, robot, or stadium announcer. Voxal works with any chat program that uses a microphone.

In some cases, you may want to quickly switch back to your normal voice. With Voxal, you can easily switch back from a voice effect to your normal voice without exiting the program. To do this, simply use the "ByPass" option to momentarily remove all voice effects. 

How To Remove Voice Changer Effects

To switch back to your normal voice while using Voxal you can use the "Bypass" tool. The Bypass option is located in the Tools tab in the top bar menu. 

Selecting the Bypass tool will bypass the current voice, which will remove all effects from your voice. To switch back to a voice effect, simply deselect the Bypass tool. To deselect the Bypass tool, simply click on the Bypass button a second time. 

If the Bypass tool has a dark background, the Bypass tool is currently selected. 

Bypass tool selected:

Bypass tool not Selected:

Want to learn more about how to use Voxal? Check out our Voxal Video Tutorial Series.

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