Friday, September 14, 2018

How to Make Beats Using the MixPad Beat Maker

Whether you consider yourself an experienced producer or a just a beginner at making music, knowing how to make beats is an important part of your process. MixPad Multi-Track Recording Software is a great recording software for audio and music production, but did you know that it also has an easy and exciting beat making feature? With the MixPad Beat Maker, you can quickly learn how to make beats for all types of music projects.

Beat Maker

After opening MixPad on your computer, click on the Create Beat button in the main toolbar underneath the Home tab. This will launch the Beat Maker window. You will be able to use the beats that you make with the beatmaker in the main program for future mixing projects.

Edit Kits

Before you begin learning how to make beats in MixPad, you need to set up your drum kit. Click on the Edit Kits tab to pick and choose different drums and sounds to add to your kit. You can import sounds of your own to use or work with the existing sounds in the program. MixPad comes with two different kit options that are filled with a variety of different drums and cymbals. You can add as many components to your kit as you would like. Once you have built your kit, exit out of the Edit Kit window to begin using it.

Adding New Bars to Your Measure

To create a new bar, click on the empty space in your track to highlight it blue. Then click on the Add + button underneath the Home tab. This will add an empty bar to your selected track. You can add all of the bars to your tracks before you start placing beats or you can wait and add them as you go. You can delete a bar you have added by simply clicking on the bar in your track and then clicking on the Delete button.

Beats Per Bar

Now that you have placed your bars on your tracks, you can adjust how many beats per bar you would like. You can add 1-16 beats per bar by selecting your bar and then typing the value into the box titled Beats Per Bar on the right-hand side of the program. Simple beats and slower beats require fewer beats per measure while more complicated beats will require more.

Bar Division

You can adjust your timing and further divide your bars by clicking on the Bar Divisions button underneath the Home tab. This allows you to have extra control and use extreme precision when creating your beats.

Adding Beats

Now that you have added bars to your tracks and you have set the number of beats per bar, you are ready to start adding beats. To add beats to your tracks, simply left click in the vacant boxes on your bars to place beats. You can drag the white beat markers up or down to determine the volume at which they are played back. The higher the beat marker is in your bar, the louder it will be played.

Making Beat Loops

Learning how to make loops using the MixPad Beat Maker tool is simple. The Beat Maker loops your tracks by default, but you can adjust the duration and placement of the loop however you would like. Simply change the values in the Loop Start and Loop End boxes on the right-hand side of the program to determine where your loop begins and ends. A green line will appear above the tracks that will be included in your loop. This will playback your tracks on repeat only at those specific bars.

Adding Tracks

You can add unlimited tracks with the MixPad Beat Maker tool. Simply click on the Add Track button in the top toolbar under the Home tab to add a new track. New tracks will appear at the bottom of your mix and you can use the drop-down arrows to select which drum or instrument you want to use on that track.

Beat Patterns

MixPad has a number of pre-existing beat patterns that you can use as well. Choose one from the pattern menu on the right side of the beat maker. Click on an empty bar, select the pattern you would like to add, and then click the Use button to add the pattern to your track. You can adjust these patterns with the settings above and add to them as well.

Exporting Beats

When you are finished making your beat, you can export it directly to the main program. Simply click on the Export button in the main toolbar or go to File and then click Export. You can then exit out of the Beat Maker window and your newly created beat will appear in the first available track in the regular MixPad program. From there you can use it in a new mix or export the mix as is with just your beat in it.

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