Friday, June 5, 2020

How to Save a Video as an MP4 in VideoPad

Whether you are saving your finished projects to a DVD, uploading them directly to the web, or simply saving them directly as a file on your computer, VideoPad makes it simple to save your projects for future use.

One question we often receive from our users is whether or not they can save their edited videos as an MP4 file and access it later. Follow the steps below to find out how easy saving your file to MP4 format can be.

Begin by downloading VideoPad Video Editor and selecting the video you want to save as MP4. Add your video by selecting Add Files on the main interface or simply dragging and dropping the files directly onto the program’s interface.

Once you’re finished editing your video, select Export Video and choose Video File. This will prompt the Export File Settings Menu.

From the Export File Settings Menu, select the name of your export file, the resolution, and the output folder you want the new file to be saved in.

To save your file as an MP4 format, simply select the File Format drop-down and select MP4.
Click on Create when you are done.

Once the process is finished, VideoPad portrays a Successful Complete Message. Choose to play the new video, or show it in a folder as an MP4 file,

Saving your projects to the MP4 format is simple and efficient. Having access to your projects readily available can make for a better overall experience while using VideoPad.

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  1. I have latest NCH professional software version 7.16 and everytime i try to save my project as a video file i get the following error:-
    Error failed to save Slideshow. Please help