Friday, November 6, 2009

Video File Transcription Support in Express Scribe is Ready for Primetime

transcribe video files
I am happy to say Express Scribe version 5.00 has been released. Express Scribe now has full video file support so you can load both audio or video files for transcription. And best of all it is still completely free.

Lately, I've seen requests for transcription programs with video support on twitter, in transcription forums and other places. So I’m wondering what types of videos people are transcribing. Share the ways in which you are using, or would like to use, video in transcription tasks.

With Express Scribe transcription software installed on their computer, a typist can control audio and video playback using a transcription keyboard with 'hot' keys, or a foot pedal for hands free control. This computer transcriber application has long offered typists features such as variable speed playback, multi-channel control, file management and more. The main thing is that now video now works just as seamlessly as digital audio always has.

We are keeping Scribe free in the hopes that you will also try and recommend our digital dictation software to your transcription customers. Our entire dictation Suite is designed to work seamlessly with Express Scribe, improving efficiency of the entire transcription process.

Two other great utilities that NCH offers for typists and transcriptionists that complement Express Scribe are FastFox Typing Expander and TexTally Word and Line Counter. FastFox brings new meaning to the phrase speed-typing. FastFox is a dynamic text expansion program with shortcut keys that expand to phrases, sentences, paragraphs, or even entire documents. Then when it comes to billing, TexTally can be used to count lines, words, or characters, and you can enter a formula to calculate the billing amount of typing job for you.

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