Monday, June 6, 2011

Do More with Audio - Blog Carnival June 6, 2011

Here are this edition's entries to Do More with Audio:

Noble presents How Learning Music Theory Made Me A Better Musician posted at Publisher's Vault.

Francis Vhon presents Why You Need To Have DJ Software posted at Gizmos and Gadgets.

How To Choose Audio Recording Software For Your Mac or PC posted at Computer Tips And Tricks.

Musician Coaching presents Advice from a Producer/Mixer posted at Musician Coaching.

Hsiangni Wu presents Podcasting in Language Classroom posted at Alive and Kicking.

You might also be interested in:That concludes this edition of Do More with Audio. Be sure to Submit your audio articles for the next edition.


  1. Our paranormal research team,, uses Wavepad sound editor to review electronic voice phenomena attained when assisting clients. Our Team spends a minimum of 282 hrs reviewing evidence (mostly audio/video footage) per investigation. Wavepad is user friendly & quite bluntly, dummy proof! We find it very simple to review and save new file clips.

    Primary functions used during review is amplification, speed changes... Particularly the need to slow recordings to accommodate the energy fluctuations and noise reduction. Noise reduction enables us to take away background noises to make the recordings clear and crisp. We also utilize function such as the 'reverse' when reviewing demonic cases.

    Interested in the process of EVP review using NCH? Let me know, I'd be happy to share. :)

    Thank you NCH Software for making my job alittle easier!

  2. I just go to their web site and see Our database is temporarily unavailable. What happened guys?


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