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Change Currencies in Express Invoice

How to Change Currencies in Express Invoice

Change Express Invoice Currency to Euro, Pound, Rupee, Etc.

Changing the default currency sign in Express Invoice is quick and easy to do. The currency tracked by this robust invoicing software can easily be changed to the Euro, Pound, Rupee, Yen, or any other currency using the Options menu. 

Navigate to the Options Menu

To Navigate to the options menu, click on the icon that says "Options" in the top bar menu of the program window. The Options menu includes many options to personalize invoices, quotes, and sales orders, as well as currency preferences.

Once you have opened the invoicing options pop-up menu, click on the "Regional" tab in the left hand menu. 

This will open the regional options dialogue where you can change the decimal symbol, thousands symbol, date format, and measurement units used on your company's invoices. Simply click and type to change the decimal symbol and thousands symbol on your invoices. Printed date format and measurement units can also be changed here by selecting an option from the drop down lists. 

The Regional options can be expanded to select "Currency". In the Currency dialogue, you can change the currency symbol, currency name, currency order and the currency digits.

Simply click to edit any of these drop down fields. You can also type in a currency symbol if you cannot find the correct symbol in the drop down list.

 You can change how currency is displayed on invoices by editing the Currency Order.

When you are finished, click "OK" to save your selections.

Use Multiple Currencies in Express Invoice

If you need to record invoices in multiple currencies, you have two options. You can either add a second currency or you can set up a second business within Express Invoice for invoices in a second currency. 

Setting Up Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies will allow you to switch between invoices in two different currencies. To set up multiple currencies, select "Multiple Currencies" from the "Invoice" menu.

This will open a window that will allow you to add additional currencies to Express Invoice. To set up a new currency, click on the "Add New Currency" button. Fill out the form with information on the new currency that you would like to add, including the currency symbol, name, currency symbol display order, digits displayed in the currency, decimal symbol and thousands symbol. 

Each currency that you add will act as a fresh install of Express Invoice. You can switch between currencies within a business. Each currency will keep its own separate lists of invoices and quotes. You can switch between currencies at any time by selecting "Multiple Currencies" from the "Invoice" drop down menu. Highlight the currency that you would like to switch to and click "Select" to switch to invoices in that currency.

Setting Up a Second Business In Express Invoice

To set up a second business with a different currency, navigate to the "Invoice" drop down menu, and select "Multiple Businesses" from the drop down list. 

This will open a window that will list your current businesses. Click on the button titled "Add New Business" to add a new business.

Follow the set-up guide to enter your business information for your second business.

Once you are done adding business information, you can select a currency for your second business by following the steps above. Changing the settings for your second business will not effect your original business settings. To switch between businesses, select "Multiple Businesses" from the Invoice drop down menu, select the business that you would like to switch to, and click "Select". 

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