Wednesday, July 15, 2009

By popular demand WavePad Sound Editor returns to classic colors

The newest release of the Professional Audio Editing Software, WavPad (v4.23) has returned to the classic green and black waveform color scheme for better contrast easier audio editing.

Many loyal users of the NCH Software Audio Suite voiced their opinions about the change in the color scheme in the NCH Forums when the change was made and the number of requests to return the waveforms to the display colors of earlier versions was overwhelming. So with this release we are happy to listen to our users and return to the classic green black combination.

In addition to many program improvements including an improved reverb effect with a pre-delay setting and slider-activated preview, middle click functionality to drag the waveform, copy and paste by dragging selections with the mouse, the ability to create new files by dragging selections to the WavePad background, As well as a new viewing window that shows the current viewing area from the main view.

Download the improved sound editing software from

And visit the NCH Support Forums to discuss WavePad and other NCH products with other users at:

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