Monday, January 31, 2011

File Converters Making Life Easy

Easy File Converter SoftwareAs a student in this day and age, most of my work is composed digitally. I rarely write essays with pen and paper and I even take class notes on my lap top computer. I also deal with a wide array of mixed file formats on a daily basis. From audio to document files, to videos and images, it can be difficult to manage the various file types involved in daily projects. This is especially difficult when I am transferring files back-and-forth from Mac to PC for my school labs and study groups. Not having conversion software on-hand can be the kill shot for any project or paper.

I like to be prepared with every type of conversion software I might need. Switch Audio File Converter is handy when downloading files from various places that may or may not be compatible with different types of computers.

I use Pixillion Image Converter to convert pictures, particularly when I am working with large RAW photos that are difficult to transport on USB devices or via e-mail.

Prism Video Conversion Software is excellent for converting video from PC friendly formats to ones that are more suitable for my Mac at home. It has compression tools and built-in batch conversion, so I can quickly convert multiple videos for large projects.

Converting documents is also quick and easy with Doxillion Document Converter. This is incredibly helpful when toggling between different versions of popular office applications and eliminates the wasted time spent communicating back and forth about difficulties opening and using documents.

For other time-saving software see our full range of software utilities for applications for disc burning, compressing, encryption and more.

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