Thursday, January 20, 2011

MIDI Support Coming to NCH Software

If you’ve ever gone rooting around for MIDI support in the feature lists of NCH Software audio products, you most likely didn’t find it—at the time. But soon you will. A myriad of MIDI features are being added throughout our audio software category.

The most notable example at the moment is in MixPad multi-track mixing software. You can load a MIDI file into MixPad and then double click the clip to edit it. This will launch a MIDI editor dialog that allows you to move notes around, create and delete notes and resize notes on a piano roll. Since a MIDI sequence is really only a set of digital instructions, it’s easier to pinpoint specific notes and alter them than with an audio file:

MIDI editor in MixPad multitrack audio software

The current version of MixPad already features this new MIDI editor. In the future, MixPad will have broader MIDI support, such as allowing users to connect a MIDI capable mixing deck to control the program.

MIDI is starting to play a larger role in all our audio software. Plans to implement the following capabilities are in the works:
  • Playback of MIDI files as music using built in and external synthesizers
  • Record MIDI control sequences
  • Edit MIDI files
  • Control software (e.g., MixPad mixing software or Zulu dj software) with a MIDI device
  • Convert MIDI files to audio
These features will be included in varying combinations in WavePad audio editor, MixPad multi-track mixer, Zulu virtual dj, Switch audio converter, and MIDIPad—a new full-featured MIDI editor currently in development. We’re excited to see how MIDI will contribute to our audio software. How do you think you’ll use it?

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