Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Practice Typing from Audio Dictation

Practice transcription audio added to KeyBlaze typing tutor
Last year we added a great resource for transcriptionists in training by posting several practice transcription audio files for use with Express Scribe transcription software so you could practice typing and using your foot pedal or hotkeys to control the audio with sample dictations that were provided to us by Accuro Transcription Services.

To add another tier of options to practicing typing from audio or dictation files, we have now also added several audio samples as dictation exercises in another NCH typing software, KeyBlaze typing tutor (version 1.22). This new addition allows you to listen to a dictation file and practice typing along. You can pause the recording at any time and compare your typing to the completed transcription side-by-side, so you can check for formatting, spelling, and other elements inherent to the dictation process. So, if you are looking for training to be a transcriptionist or know someone who is, you'll want to try KeyBlaze for practice transcription and typing from audio files.


  1. Nice tool. This will help in improving the typing of a person. It will be very helpful for those who are having typing jobes & audio dictation will increase the speed. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Indeed, this is quite useful. I'm a rather slow typer and would love to teach myself some fast blind typing methods. This seems great. Keep up the good work.

  3. Silly question: How do I download the practice audio dictation ? I have a MacBook Pro. Every time I try it says I need to use the extension WebArchive

    1. Is there any chance you are looking at an offline version of the page? “.webarchive files are archived, single file versions of web pages which are stored on your computer's hard drive for access later, even if you are offline.”

      Clicking the download audio file should either start the download or prompt you for where you would like to save it to...


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